Country selection

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for every aspiring candidate who believes in following their path. Choosing the right international destination is key to making the most of your experience. Fortunately, thousands of cities impart quality education to students. MAK9-Leela plays a vital role in guiding the students to pick the right international destination after all, it is the foundation for a great career.

We offer a free one-to-one counseling session wherein we try to understand the interests and strengths of the students. Our experts further work on the programs, course-curriculum, and the best possible universities along with employment opportunities. We will likewise brief you about lifestyle, culture, food, people, finance, and leisure activities of the short-listed countries.

Our team will assist you in:

● Course assessment
● Scope of the courses
● Educational structure of that specific university
● Entry requirements
● All expenses

MAK9-Leela Consultancy Ltd believes in a student’s dream and will hand-hold them throughout the process. With the industry knowledge and our expertise, we have helped thousands of students to choose their career path, and we are proud of it.

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