Study in Europe

Study Guide:

Europe is home to some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities. With top-notch universities, higher educational institutions, and research centres, Europe is the best overseas destination for aspiring students.

If you’ve been offered a salary of €50,800 or more, you are eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card. This will allow a student to stay and work across the EU. You may apply for a permanent residence permit after two years.

Life in Europe:

Europe is a large continent that covers almost 2% of the earth’s surface. Some of the popular tourist destinations in Europe are London, Rome, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona, Paris, and so on. Europe is home to a few wonders of the world, renowned monuments, snow-clad mountains, marvelous landscapes, art galleries, and museums. With a diverse culture, Europe is home to the highest number of migrants globally and is a dream continent for millions of people.

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