Courses & university selection

With thousands of courses, colleges, and universities, mapping the right university and course with your goals and interests is a challenge. It’s overwhelming to have top-notch courses to shape the future of international students. Yet, picking the right university that lines up with the students’ interests is the real challenge. At MAK9-Leela Consultancy, our counsellors are committed to assist you in choosing the right university that syncs well with your goals and interests.

Our professionals use market intelligence, data, and strategies to finalise the best university as per the students’ profile. We also understand that every student’s needs are different with respect to lifestyle, culture, food, and financial budgets, and time duration. Don’t worry! Our experts will take care of it.

At MAK9-Leela Consultancy, we prioritize your needs and preferences while assisting in your admission process and streamlining your applications.

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