Pre-departure briefing

Our services aren’t limited only to university selection and admission but beyond that. We’re committed to making sure that you feel supported at every step of your study abroad journey. Our consultants are always at your service to help you prepare for life in your new country.

We organise pre-departure orientation sessions to brief you more about lifestyle, customs, culture, food, nightlife, transport, banking and foreign exchange, academic support, post-study work visa, job opportunities, visa process, and other crucial details.

You must have some knowledge about the host country before you reach there. This will ease your transition into the community and help you get along with others. MAK9-Leela Consultancy Ltd consists of supportive team members and consultants who understand the fears of every parent and student.

Whether it’s English language help, academic support, visa advice, or career-related queries, we completely guide and support our clients. Ask your questions and our experts shall help you out!

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