Know About Life in The UK

The rich heritage and diverse landscape of the UK allow for a wide range of activities, from visiting historic monuments to exploring the many and varied elements of the contemporary British countryside. For many, it is the vibrant, cosmopolitan nature of the bigger cities that hold the most appeal. Cities and counties across the UK light up with Christmas markets offering exotic foods, crafts, and seasonal shopping opportunities. In and around these streets, visitors and tourists find a mix of shops, cafés, pubs, and other entertainment, such as cinemas and theatres. These town and city centres have good public transport links and easily accessible car parks.

UK department stores sell everything you could possibly want to buy. World-famous names like Harrods and Liberty, flagship stores of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, and Marks & Spencer attract visitors from all around the world. With a warm & welcoming British culture, the UK is the best destination to shape student life.

Why UK for International students

Did you know that a degree in the UK takes less time to complete than any other country? In the UK an undergraduate degree can be completed in 3 years. It takes an additional 1 year to complete your post-graduation studies unless you are studying research or medicine. International students are eligible for financial help in the form of grants, scholarships, and bursaries.

The living and health-care costs are reasonable in the UK when compared to other countries. With a multicultural atmosphere, diverse culture and better job opportunities, the UK is the perfect destination for aspiring students and those looking forward to leading a quality life.

Cost of living & education

The UK being an attractive study destination attracts students globally. With a splendid lifestyle, decent accommodation, and pleasant social life, students can easily manage their cost of living. Transportation and travelling, groceries, food expenses, water, electricity, gas, wifi, and other utility bills, books and library fees, laundry services, maintenance costs, and leisure and entertainment expenses together constitute living costs in the UK. As a student in the UK, you will receive a student ID card from the National Union of Students (NUS). With this card, you will be eligible to get discounts at many national stores.

The education costs will depend on the course and university you have chosen. An international student is eligible for scholarships or can receive financial help for tuition fees.

UK Visa requirement

A student can apply for the visa three months before the course starts. You can apply for a short-term study visa or a long-term study visa depending on the course you have chosen. A student has to submit passport details, recent passport-sized photographs, financial support proof for your stay, proof of English language test, place offer licensed by Tier 4 Sponsor, and other additional documents for visa processing.

The following are the basic documents required for processing a student visa in the UK.
● Recent passport-sized color photographs clicked in the past six months.
● Proof of means of maintenance to cover living costs in the UK till the course duration.
● Tuberculosis screening (if required)
● Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number and documents for CAS and other additional documents.
● Assessment documentation
● Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate (if required)
● Additional documents (depends on each case)

Our team makes sure you get your visa within a short period with fewer chances of rejections or rework.

Post study work visa

The UK follows a point-based system to allocate student visas – Tier 4 student visa to enter the UK; Tier 4 (General) student visa extension in the UK. Anyone above 16 years with a course placement offer can apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa to study in the UK. It is mandatory for the applicants to meet all the Immigration Requirements and have 70 points in total.

International students can extend their visa up to 2 years after finishing their studies. Presently, one must apply for a Skilled Worker Visa (work visa) immediately on finding a job post completing their course. We are adept at understanding your requirements and take immediate steps to help you get your visa.

Our expert visa consultants and immigration advisors will assist you with further UK visa guidance as well.

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